Carbohydrates are our primary source of energy. One should intake about 225-325 grams per day, depending on their size and activity level. It is best to stick to complex carbs which include brown rice, sweet potatoes, bananas, quinoa, kidney beans, raspberries, black beans, oats, whole wheat and chick peas. 



Lipids are the fats that we consume and this would be 0ur secondary source of energy. We should consume about 44-78 grams of fat each day, depending on one’s size and activity level. The kinds of fats that we should eat are unsaturated fats and the fats from foods such as nuts and avocados. The fats that you should stay away from are going to be saturated and trans fats. 



Proteins are going to be our last source of energy, however they perform other vital tasks such as rebuilding amino acids which is what builds our muscles,  proteins also break down toxins. It is suggested to consume 46-56 grams of protein per day. 

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Nutrition & Mental Health



Above is a link for a TED talk discussing the importance of nutrition for your mental health. It is important for our bodies to be healthy and well rounded. In the video Dr. Julia Rucklidge explains that if we have a healthier body, our mind can react and cope with high amounts of stress better. This can lead to the prevention of many mental illnesses. Strong evidence indicates that mental health is supported by a nutritious and  balanced diet. 


Vitamins are always important to take in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, during the time of a pandemic it is especially important to take certain vitamins. We are living in a time where flu season is now occurring in a time of a pandemic; some vitamins you should be taking daily to maintain a healthy immune system include zinc, elderberry, vitamin C and vitamin D. 

Nutrition is vital when it comes to staying all around healthy.

The right nutrition, paired with increased physical activity can help you maintain your mental health.

Check out these easy and healthy recipes to try this finals week to help maintain your overall health.