science for final success


“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”  Jim Rohn

Contributions from UNLV Faculty, Staff, & Students


Sarah Harris

Assoc. Prof. of Electrical & Computer Engineering 

Erica Tietjen

PhD student in Science Education/Teaching & Learning, also Lecturer of Biology at Nevada State College

M. Anne White, Ph.D.
Sr. Director of Data, Assessment, & Retention
Academic Success Center

Our mission is to encourage physical activity as a scientifically validated

strategy to improve academic performance.  

According to research, an active lifestyle promotes physical and mental health, reduces stress and anxiety, and can improve cognition.

Check out some tips:

    ✏ for Stress Reduction

    ✏ for Studying

    ✏ and some Campus Resources


Students who meet

vigorous physical activity recommendations in colleges are less likely to report stress and poor mental health.

(VanKin & Nelson, 2013)