science for final success

Our mission is to encourage physical activity as a scientifically validated

strategy to improve academic performance.  

According to research, an active lifestyle promotes physical and mental health, reduces stress and anxiety, and can improve cognition.

Raffle Winners:

Ian Imperial Kinesiology
Imani  Travis  Business
Aabrina Duenas Radiography
Beatriz Paredes Nursing


Fall 19 Events

 Come in comfortable workout clothes.  Supplies and equipment are provided. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer.

Date and Time




Volunteer to Help


Volunteer to Help Volunteer to Help

Join RebelFlash

Flash Mob

Learn and Practice

the Dance


12/4 at 11:20 am in Student Union near the Food Court


Tuesday Events


PEX and REBELX Fitness Classes


Student Wellness

Recreation Center

      Wednesday Events

  PEX Fitness Classes


MPE 302
MPE South Gym


         Thursday Events

      TruFusion Yoga          


           Art Therapy

Lied Library

              Amargosa Room
Offered All Semester REBEL X Classes

Student Wellness

Recreation Center

Volunteer to Help Volunteer to Help

Volunteer to Help



Check out some tips:

    ✏ for Stress Reduction

    ✏ for Studying

    ✏ and some Campus Resources


Students who meet

vigorous physical activity recommendations in colleges are less likely to report stress and poor mental health.

(VanKin & Nelson, 2013)