Volunteer for an hour or more at one of our events 


Thank you for volunteering for Fitness4Finals!


Select the day(s) and time(s) at the links below. You will receive an email from an Event Manager the week before Fitness4Finals with detailed information.


Volunteer Wednesday, December 4, at MPE


Arrive at the time you reserved at MPE near the South Gym. Wear comfortable clothing. MPE is near the Harmon and Tarkanian Way intersection on the NW side of campus.


Volunteer Thursday, May 9, at Lied Library


Arrive at your reserved time at Lied Library’s Amargosa Room. The Amargosa Room is north of the Circulation Desk on the first floor. Wear comfortable clothing.


 If you must cancel your time, please log back in to the Doodle Poll and remove your selection. Spaces are limited.

We count on our volunteers!


  • You may have more than one class with a F4F Assignment and/or belong to Kappa Iota Nu, which requires the members to volunteer or participate.  It is expected you will volunteer or participate for each F4F obligation or assignment. 
  • In academia, "double dipping" (turning in the same assignment more than once) is a form of academic dishonesty.