Rebel Flash

a flash mob dance performed by students

1. Sign up here so we can stay in touch! (even if you are in Marko's Zumba class)

2. Learn the dance and practice with the videos below

3. Come to any of Marko's PEX Zumba classes to practice with the team

  • Mon/Wed 10 to 10:50 am
  • SRWC room 2015
  • Be sure you have your Rebel ID for admittance

4.  A Dress Rehearsal will be held at 10 am on Monday, 5/6, at the SRWC Room 2015.  Be sure to have your Rebel Card to gain entrance.  

5. For the performance, wear a white, red, or black shirt.
6.  Dance, dance, dance on Tuesday 5/7 at 11:20 am at the CSUN tabling event in the courtyard outside of the Student Union (near the Bookstore).

(Please attend at least one rehearsal, either one of the Zumba classes or the dress rehearsal).

Learn the Dance

Directed by Marko Westwood

Music: Zin 77 Ponlo Pa Tras Zumba Dj Ricky Luna ft.Dj Hightime

Practice the Dance