• Fitness4Finals Assignments require a one-hour (minimum) commitment of your time.
  • Sign in sheets will verify your attendance. 
  • We encourage you to stop by and enjoy the Tuesday tabling event/obstacle course. We will not have sign in sheets for those who walk through so we are unable to verify your attendance at that level of involvement. If you want to complete your assignment on Tuesday, volunteer for an hour.
  • You may have more than one class with a F4F Assignment and/or belong to Kappa Iota Nu, which requires the members to volunteer or participate.  It is expected you will volunteer or participate for each F4F obligation or assignment. 
  • In academia, "double dipping" (turning in the same assignment more than once) is a form of academic dishonesty.
  • If your instructor is granting you course credit for participating in a F4F event, please preregister by clicking on the links on the Home Page.
  • You are welcome to volunteer if you aren't able to attend a fitness class/event. One hour of helping out fulfills F4F Assignments
  • REBEL FLASH Mobsters must attend one rehearsal and the performance to earn credit.   Attendance will be reported to participating instructors.
  • To complete a F4F by attending a meditation, you are also required to attend Art Therapy (in the next room).  Both brief events are designed to work together to help relieve your stress!

What do do:

  1. Sign in at the event.
  2. Indicate what instructor/class for which you are fulfilling a requirement.
  3. Complete the class or or volunteer involvement.
  4. Take note of what your instructor requires for verification that you completed the assignment.

For most F4F Assignments:

  • Get the name of the fitness instructor or Event Manager
  • Take a selfie (most classes)